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NFL Notes: Draft, Rule Change, Trent Richardson, & Cowboys


  • Anthony Galaviz reports that Fresno State S Derron Smith will not work out on Monday due to a sports hernia.

Rule Change

Jason Cole of the Bleacher Report has spoke to three NFL coaches, who have said that they would like to have the ability to challenge any calls on the field at any time.

The league is meeting this week to discuss potential rule changes, so this is something to keep an eye on in the coming months.

Trent Richardson

Sources tell Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star that RB Trent Richardson‘s absence from the Colts’ walk-through before the AFC Championship Game was due to “serious complications” with his girlfriend’s pregnancy.

According to Holder, Richardson’s girlfriend was experiencing contractions and appeared to be in premature labor at just 28 weeks of pregnancy.

Given the serious nature of the situation, Richardson rushed her to the hospital that morning and wound up missing the team’s walkthrough and the team’s chartered flight.

The Colts suspended Richardson for two games, which is a big issue for him, seeing as it would allow the team to void the remaining guarantees in his contract.

Holder adds that the Colts maintain that he should have contacted them in a reasonable amount of time regarding the situation.


  • Cowboys executive Stephen Jones responded to Dez Bryant saying that they are not dedicated to him by saying: “(Dez) is definitely not feeling the right vibe.”(Jason Cole)

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