NFL Notes: Jim Harbaugh, Patriots, Seahawks

Jim Harbaugh

  • Jay Glazer reports that Jim Harbaugh is still a “very hot” coaching candidate in the NFL and there are people in the NFL hoping he loses at Michigan in order to lure him back to NFL at some point.
  • A recent report said that Michigan and Harbaugh were discussing a lifetime contract to keep him in Ann Arbor. When asked if this report was a distraction for his players, Harbaugh said it was not before adding: “Fake news. That was irrelevant.”  (Detroit Free Press)


  • Miguel Benzan of Boston Sports Journal points out that Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski is three touchdowns away from earning $1M in incentive.

  • Gronkowski can boost his salary further by $3M (five more TDs) and $5.5M (five more TDs).

  • According to Benzan, Gronkowski will need to do this during the regular season and any incentive thresholds reached this year will count against the Patriots’ 2018 salary cap.


  • Jason La Canfora reports that the NFL and NFLPA are scheduled to confer on Monday to discuss their investigations of possible violations from the Seahawks for not properly evaluating QB Russell Wilson for a concussion a few weeks ago.
  • Sources tell La Canfora that the two parties will share their findings starting tomorrow and if they reach similar determinations, a ruling could come at some point this week.
  • According to La Canfora, sanctions of some sort for the Seahawks is “within reason” and could come in the form of a fine and or loss of draft picks, depending on the findings.

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