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NFL Notes: Top 50 Player Sales, Anquan Boldin, & Jason Pierre-Paul

Top 50 Jersey Sales

The NFL Players Association released the list of the Top 50 players in terms of merchandise sales from March 1 – August 31 of this year.

Here’s the full list:

  1. Russell Wilson, QB
  2. Tom Brady, QB
  3. Peyton Manning, QB
  4. Aaron Rodgers, QB
  5. J.J. Watt, DE
  6. Dez Bryant, WR
  7. Colin Kaepernick, QB
  8. Richard Sherman, DB
  9. Jason Witten, TE
  10. Odell Beckham, Jr., WR
  11. Rob Gronkowski, TE
  12. Marshawn Lynch, RB
  13. Tony Romo, QB
  14. Andrew Luck, QB
  15. Drew Brees, QB
  16. Jordy Nelson, WR
  17. Marcus Mariota, QB
  18. Calvin Johnson, WR
  19. Clay Matthews, LB
  20. DeMarco Murray, RB
  21. Jimmy Graham, TE
  22. Matt Forte, RB
  23. Joe Haden, DB
  24. Teddy Bridgewater, QB
  25. Luke Kuechly, LB
  26. Jameis Winston, QB
  27. Antonio Brown, WR
  28. Kam Chancellor, SS
  29. Ryan Tannehill, QB
  30. Eli Manning, QB
  31. Earl Thomas, DB
  32. Derek Carr, QB
  33. Sammy Watkins, WR
  34. Eddie Lacy, RB
  35. Jamaal Charles, RB
  36. Le’Veon Bell, RB
  37. Alshon Jeffery, WR
  38. LeSean McCoy, RB
  39. Khalil Mack, LB
  40. Philip Rivers, QB
  41. Joe Flacco, QB
  42. Ndamukong Suh, DL
  43. Cam Newton, QB
  44. Ben Roethlisberger, QB
  45. Julian Edelman, WR
  46. A.J. Green, WR
  47. Darrelle Revis, DB
  48. Amari Cooper, WR
  49. Demaryius Thomas, WR
  50. Navorro Bowman, LB

Anquan Boldin

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk makes the case for the Panthers to consider trading for 49ers veteran WR Anquan Boldin, seeing as they could use some receiver help.

Florio mentions that Boldin would give the Panthers another viable weapon to go along with tight end Greg Olsen. Beyond that, Boldin has had plenty of playoff experience over the course of his career.

It’s unclear whether the 49ers would even be willing to trade Boldin or what it would take to get a deal done.

Florio points out that the 49ers would incur a  $2.7 million cap charge next year if they were to trade Boldin.

Jason Pierre-Paul

Giants HC Tom Coughlin said Wednesday that DE Jason Pierre-Paul will participate in pre-practice work before moving to the side to work with athletic trainers, per (Mike Garafolo.

“He’ll use that hand as he always has,” Coughlin said of JPP’s injury, per Garafolo. “Not as a grabber but as a club.

We’re all rooting for him,” Coughlin added. “He’s done an outstanding job of preparing himself.

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