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NFL Rumors: Eagles Asking Price For Kevin Kolb

Here is your daily Kevin Kolb update.

Reuben Frank of CSNPhilly.com brings us the latest in regards to the Eagles trading Kolb. Frank writes that Philadelphia is looking for a package of draft picks in return for Kolb, more specifically, “at least a first-round pick and a second pick somewhere in the first three or four rounds for Kolb.”

This news is consistent with the rumors that we have heard in months past but the ask price is pretty high even though the Eagles would be willing to accept future draft picks for Kolb. The main concern should be that the Eagles develop quarterbacks to succeed in their system instead which can cause problems for other teams that are expecting similar production out of the player. The most important characteristic that teams will be focusing on in the coming years is how the player fits with what they are doing rather than talent alone. If Arizona pays the price to get Kolb, they should be prepared to mold Kolb to their offensive scheme rather than plug him and expect that he’ll produce.


CSN Philly is reporting that a league source has indicated that the Arizona Cardinals are actively pursuing a trade for Kevin Kolb.

The Eagles have already indicated that a team has offered them a first-round pick in return for Kolb so Arizona will have to at least match the offer but trading the No. 5 pick for Kolb doesn’t seem as likely as sending a future first-round pick to Philly.

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll has already mentioned that they have some amount of interest in Kolb so there could be a bidding war between the division rivals.

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