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NFL Rumors: Marvin Lewis Knows That Palmer’s Not Returning?

An unnamed NFL GM told CBS Sports’s Clark Judge that Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin LewisknowsCarson Palmerwon’t play for (Lewis) again” but added that Palmer won’t be “dealt for for nearly a year.” The GM also mentioned that “Marvin Lewis knows Palmer won’t play for him again.”

Bengals owner Mike Brown appears to be afraid of the precedent that it would set if they gave in to Palmers trade request. Fair point, but what should be more concerning is the fact that his players want out of Cincinnati because of the current state of the franchise.

“Carson Palmer isn’t another disgruntled player. He’s is the team leader, someone who didn’t complain, conducted himself with class and did what he could to make the Bengals better. In the end, it wasn’t enough, and Palmer gave up. Now, he is finished with the Bengals, and I’ve heard it from too many people not to believe it. So has our GM,” writes Judge.

By bringing back Marvin Lewis, Brown has sent the message that the status-quo will be maintained in Cincinnati rather than moving in a completely new a direction. As we pointed out in previous posts, the Bengals are a franchise that haven’t won a playoff game in over twenty years! At what point do they realize that their strategy isn’t working? Mike Brown is making his case for being the Donald Sterling equivalent of the NFL.


pixy NFL Rumors: Marvin Lewis Knows That Palmer's Not Returning?

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