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Panthers HC Ron Rivera’s Job On The Line?

Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera told reporters that he is well aware of the fact that his job could be on the line for the duration of the season. Rivera said that he has met with owner Jerry Richardson to discuss their current situation and his expectations for the team.

“The biggest thing is we have to be trending up,” said Rivera, via Yahoo! Sports. “We have to be showing that we are improving as a football team. Whether that’s a specific number of wins, I don’t know. To some degree, it’s about perception. People have to see that we’re competing. And I think these last five weeks, you can see there is a reason [to believe that we are]. Now, it’s about learning how to win those games.”

The Panthers were able to pull out their second win of the season over Washington on Sunday, so they’re at least moving in the right direction as of late. Carolina is currently 2-6, so Rivera already has his work cut out for him if he plans on being back next season. The fact that Richardson has already fired GM Marty Hurney, is a pretty clear indication that he’s ready and willing to shake things up significantly.


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