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Peyton Manning: “I’m not in a very good place for healing”


Peyton Manning told Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star that he has no plans to retire but mentioned that he is still not sure when he’ll be able to return to the field.

I’m not in a very good place for healing, let’s say that,” Manning said of the Colts practice facilities. “It’s not a real good environment down there right now, to say the least. Everybody’s walking around on eggshells. I don’t recognize our building right now. There’s such complete and total change.”

I mean, it’s 20 degrees, it’s snowing, the building is absolutely empty except when you see coaches cleaning out their offices,” he said. “I guess it’s the reality of the football world, just not something I’ve had to deal with very often. But I’m in there every day, so I have to sit there and see it. Everybody’s being evaluated and I’m no different. It’s not the best environment.

Manning, however, was still reluctant to address his $28 million bonus that will be due in the early part of March. At this point, it seems unlikely that he’ll be healthy enough to convince the Colts to pick up his option. The problem for Manning is that the Colts have a solid contingency plan in place with the #1 pick in this year’s draft. Reports came out late last week that it would cost the Colts around $50.5 million next season to keep Manning and take Andrew Luck with #1 pick.

Pro Football Talks’ Mike Florio mentions that the Colts and Manning can renegotiate the date in which the bonus is do which would allow the sides to come to an agreement at a later time. Preferably when Manning can prove that he’ll be healthy enough to play in 2012.



pixy Peyton Manning: "I'm not in a very good place for healing"

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