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Report: Jets “Very Interested” In Re-Signing OLB Calvin Pace

Tony Pauline of DraftInsider.net reports that the Jets have told agents that they are “very interested” in re-signing impending free agent OLB Calvin Pace.

Pace, 33, actually put together a very strong season for the Jets defense in 2013. He totaled 53 tackles, 10 sacks and two forced fumbles this season and was clearly one of the Jets most productive edge rusher.

New York actually released Pace back in February of last season, but eventually re-signed him to a one-year deal in April.

While Pace’s 2013 season looks impressive based on his statistical totals, Pro Football Focus actually rated him as the No. 28 3-4 outside linebacker out of 42 qualifying players.

It’s hard to imagine the Jets offering him more than a one-year deal, but they probably could add another non-guaranteed year and see how things go in 2014.

We’ll have more as the news is available.

  • Guest

    Why are you complaining about the thought of bringing back a part time vet who did well in limited time, wont cost much and knows the system?

  • Jim Israel

    28-of-42? He’s old, too. Let him go. I can’t stand it when teams hold on to old geezers, and hope to squeeze one more year out of them. Rex Ryan can certainly get as much out of someone younger with more speed than Calvin Pace. If they do want to sign him, offer him the veteran ‘minimum’ just like they did in 2013. Forget it if he demands more.

    • Robert Anthony

      Why are you complaining about the thought of bringing back a Part time vet who played well last year, who knows the system and will be cheap again?

    • Jim Israel

      It’s just time finally to move on from Calvin Pace. Remember how terrible he was in 2012? I don’t want the Jets to go through that again, and there’s no need to — they’re in much better shape, depth-wise, to replace Mr. Pace.

      • Robert Anthony

        ya he was overworked in 2012 and played poorly. as a situational player this year he was good, and that was even with the lack of depth at OLB and playing more than both him and rex expected. He wants to be with the jets, and even if its for a lil more than veteran minimum you need people like him on your team. 0 reason not to resign him, its not like there is some young stud he is taking time from.

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