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Santonio Holmes Future With The Jets In Doubt

Sundays loss to the Miami Dolphins was bad enough but a disappointing season could end up being overshadowed by Santonio Holmes decision to quit on his teammates.

The fallout from Holmes’s performance leaves the Jets in a tough situation as his actions may have caused irreparable harm to his relationships with his teammates.

Manish Mehta of the New York reports that a Jets player referred to Holmes as a “cancer.”

New York is on the hook for a guaranteed $7.75 million next season and Holmes’s 2013 contract will also guarantee him another $7.5 million of his $11 million base salary if he’s on the teams roster as of the second day of the 2012 league year. Hat tip to Pro Football Talk for providing these details.

Trading him seem very unlikely as the Steelers got rid of him when he became a problem so it’s hard to imagine another team trading for a high priced veteran receiver that comes with his baggage.

It’s hard to say how this situation is going to end because there’s really no easy way to handle it but the Jets and Holmes would be wise to try to repair their relationship if at all possible. The Jets can’t afford to pay him that kind of money to not play and Holmes isn’t going to find much interest on the open market given his track record.

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