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More Trades Expected At The Top Of Draft, Dolphins & Titans Possibilities?

Jason La Canfora reports that “several” teams are convinced there will be more trades at the top of the 2016 NFL Draft with the Dolphins and Titans being two teams to watch in potential trade-up scenarios.

La Canfora specifically mentions Ohio State RB Ezekiel Elliott as a trade up target for the Dolphins while Michigan State OT Jack Conklin or Notre Dame OT Ronnie Stanley. could be on the Titans’ radar.

The Titans now hold the No. 15 pick after trading the No. 1 overall to the Rams in exchange for significant package of draft picks.

La Canfora was told by numerous NFL executives earlier this week that Titans GM Jon Robinson is “far from done” in regards to moving around in this year’s draft.

“He’s moving back up,” an executive told La Canfora. “He has the ammo to do it and it’s heading in that direction.”

The idea of the Titans targeting one of the top offensive tackles such as Stanley or Conklin has come up since they completed the trade with the Rams.

As for the Dolphins, they are currently sitting at No. 13 overall and may have to move up in order to secure Elliott, assuming that’s who they’re targeting. Reporters have suggested that the sweet spot for Elliott could be between pick No. 8-13, depending on what happens in the early portion of round one.

While Chargers have said that they’re willing to trade the No. 3 pick, a more likely scenario for either team would be to trade into the latter portion of the top 10.

We’ll have more regarding potential draft trades as the news is available.

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