Titans, Bills, Jets & 49ers Have All Made Calls About Trading Back In Round 1

Jason Cole of B/R is reporting that the Titans, Bills, Jets and 49ers are among the teams in drafting in the top 10 picks who have made calls about possibly trading back.

This shouldn’t come as much as a surprise, given that all of these teams have been mentioned as possible trade-down candidates for several weeks.

The question is whether there are any teams interested in moving up and who they could be targeting in such a deal.

The Titans are sitting at No. 5 overall and could be someone to watch if a quarterback such as UNC’s Mitch Trubisky falls to them, as an interested team may have to get ahead of the Jets at No. 6 overall.

The 49ers have made it quite clear that they’re open for business in the No. 2 spot and would like to obtain some more draft picks to aid their rebuild. However, some have said that it could be too costly for a team like the Browns to trade all the way for a¬†quarterback.

Others have said that the Bills are likely the point in quarterbacks could begin to come off the board, assuming of course that the 49ers, Bears, and Jets all pass on taking one between No. 2 and No. 6 overall.

We’ll have more regarding potential draft trades involving these teams as the news is available.

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