Will Ryan Tannehill Start In 2012?

Speculation has been rife since Ryan Tannehill was drafted eighth overall by the Miami Dolphins as to whether he would start in 2012. Brian Biggane spoke to numerous analysts, such as NFL Films’ Greg Cosell and NFL Network’s Mike Mayock, as well as former QBs Bob Griese and Joe Theismann, and they all gave similar verdicts.

Biggane says that they all believe it would be wiser to take it slow with Tannehill and sit him behind an experienced starter, whether it be Matt Moore or David Garrard, next season.

Tannehill has said that the Dolphins’ playbook is very similar to the playbook at Texas A&M, where he was coached by Miami’s offensive coordinator, Mike Sherman. Tannehimay will most likely have to wait a while before he can test it out in the NFL, though.

pixy Will Ryan Tannehill Start In 2012?

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