AFC East Note: Bills, Dolphins, Jets



Bills RB Frank Gore will be 36 as he heads into the 15th season of his career in 2019, all ancient totals by NFL running back standards. Still, Gore says he hasn’t ruled out playing longer. 

“I just go how I feel,” Gore said via David Furones of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “If I feel I can’t do it no more, then I call it.”


  • Dolphins DT Kendrick Norton has been upgraded from critical to stable condition following surgery to amputate his left arm after a car accident, according to Safid Dean of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. 


Jets HC Adam Gase is known for featuring the slot wide receiver in his offense. The Jets made the position a priority in free agency, signing WR Jamison Crowder to a three-year, $28.5 million deal. 

“That spot is important to us,” Gase said via the NY Daily News’ Manish Mehta. “(It) really kind of creates the tempo of the offense. If you want to be on the ball and go fast-paced, that guy is the guy who moves all the time. … He has to understand the game like a quarterback does. The best ones I’ve been around, they naturally have that understanding of the flow of the game. They know how to set the tempo of the game. I feel like he’s kind of a guy who fits that role.”

Gase plans to use a variety of different pass catchers in the slot for the Jets this year. However, he says Crowder brings something unique to the position. 

“He has an explosiveness after the catch that you don’t see a ton of,” Gase said. “A lot of the slot receivers, historically have been not guys that are threats down the field. He’s a threat down the field, but at the same time he can catch it and create, which is going to be interesting for us because we’ve never had a guy who can really juice it up.”

Crowder has also already established a rapport with QB Sam Darnold this spring. 

“On certain option routes, you can tell that he has a really good feel of leverage and how to use it against defenders,” Darnold said. “I think being able to find him in good matchups against a nickel (corner), a linebacker or even a safety coming down, it’s going to be hard to guard that dude.” 

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