AFC Notes: Colts, Texans, Titans



Colts rookie CB Isaiah Rodgers has proven to be above average, and Colts scout Mike Derice mentioned his instincts translate well to his scouting profile.

“So Rodgers has exceptional instincts, so he knows how to put himself in a position to get in front of the ball. So he gets a lot of pass breakups, he’ll get the interceptions,” Derice told “And the added value to him is the return capabilities. He can do that, he’s had success at UMass. And he takes the ball away. He has 11 interceptions, like three for touchdowns, and he has a savvy about him in coverage.”

Rodgers brings incredible speed, reportedly running a 4.28 40-yard-dash at his Pro Day. His return abilities on special teams also make him a wanted asset on the backend of the roster. Derice adds that he wasn’t happy to see Rodgers post a video of him running a 4.28 in the 40-yard dash.

“So I’m not gonna lie: I was upset that he did that video. Because at that point in time, we were already convinced of what type of player he was, and because he didn’t have a pro day, he’s more liable to slip. But he did the pro day, ran fast, and he was timed by a former NFL scout, so other teams would find it very credible,” Derice said. “So there’s a little bit of a panic, like, ‘OK, how much are other teams going to take stock on this pro day? And is there a chance for someone to take him before we get a chance to get a crack at him?’ It was probably a little bit nerve-wracking for us once he put that out there and then it was public to the social media world.”


Texans S Justin Reid is for the idea that the start of training camp and the regular season should be pushed back to allow more time for questions to be answered.

“I think it would be beneficial to delay the season two or three weeks, so that way we can answer a lot of questions that, us as players, people as far as fans and the coaching staff, have procedurally on how the season is going to happen,” Reid said Monday, via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. “I think it would be beneficial to delay the season a couple of weeks. I think that will be good. I’m not confident that it will start on [time], but I am prepared because it is my job. I will be ready under the scenario if it does happen. . . I will be prepared for it.”

Reid also made it clear on Monday that he wants to play and will opt to do so if the NFL has a season. He also says that he understands if other players decide to opt-out.

“Yeah, I’m 100 percent going to play,” Reid said. “I don’t feel as intimidated that I would be putting family members in harm’s way the same way that some other guys might view it because they might have little ones. I support those guys in those decisions if they don’t want to play, 100 percent. Speaking for me, myself, I 1,000 percent will be playing. Some of my teammates do have little ones and family members that are under a year old that they are actually worried about, and rightfully so, maybe bringing that back to their families. So, we’re all excited to work. A lot of us are waiting to see those questions be answered for how we’re going to keep everything safe. If those questions are answered the right way, then guys will be confident about coming back. That remains to be seen.”

Like his teammate DE J.J. Watt, Reid has also been vocal about the possibility of being mandated to wear a piece of equipment that would cover the face.

“I think it would be difficult for me to breathe with it,” Reid said. “If those are the rules put into place, in my mind, it’s still fair. I’ll just deal with it.”


By most indications, the Titans and RB Derrick Henry won’t be able to reach an agreement on an extension before Wednesday’s deadline. However, Henry’s quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who was able to cash in on a huge deal this offseason, thinks the running back deserves the same. 

“I respect Derrick. I love playing with Derrick, think he played his tail off last year and should be paid,” Tannehill said in an interview on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “So, you know, anytime a teammate gets paid, that’s something I get excited about. Especially a guy who worked extremely hard and lays it on the line each and every week. So, obviously would love to see Derrick get extended and I’ll be keeping an eye on that.”

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