AFC Notes: Jets, Patriots, Ravens


The Jets got good marks generally for their draft class this year. Now attention turns to their first pick last year, QB Zach Wilson, who is the key to New York’s rebuild becoming successful. There’s only so much you can tell from OTA work when players are just in helmets and shorts, but the early indication is Wilson used his time this offseason well. 

“Zach looks good,” Jets HC Robert Saleh said via the New York Post. “He’s definitely hit the weight room. He looks beefy, in a good way. He’s definitely filled out. He’s still got all his looseness in throwing the football and zip and all that stuff. He looks good.”

Saleh added Wilson has made mental progress as well. He looked lost in the offense for most of his rookie season but so far Saleh praised his progress in the system going into Year 2. 

“He’s got a really good early command of the offense and he’s doing a really good job in regards to that,” Saleh said. “There’s little things that he’s doing where you’re seeing a little more security. He’s not a rookie, so he’s being a little more vocal. He looks good. He’s getting more comfortable, obviously grasping the offense. He’s never had trouble grasping the offense, but he was a rookie so he goes through it. He’s much further ahead at this point than he was a year ago, for sure.”


Patriots DB Terrance Mitchell said he loves the versatility of New England’s scheme and feels that he can fit a role within the system.

That’s one thing I love about the Patriots,” Mitchell said, via PFT. “You can see somebody here, somebody there…. the ability to do a lot of things. I think that’s a great thing that they have and that they do here.

Mitchell has started 29 games throughout his career, and that experience has better helped him understand his skill-set and where he would fit in certain situations.

Experience is key,” Mitchell said. “Early on in my career when I used to talk about experience I didn’t really quite understand it the way I do now. Just a lot of the experiences I’ve been going through the last two years are helping me grow to where I’m at now.

  • Per ESPN’s Mike Reiss, teams had character concerns about Patriots fourth-round CB Jack Jones, who was arrested for breaking into a restaurant in 2018 while at USC. He was suspended in 2020 for a fight during practice while at Arizona State. 
  • However, the Patriots were able to do a lot of background research on Jones at the Shrine Bowl according to Eric Galko, the director of football operations for the game: “I think a lot of people see the one incident he had as an 18-year-old kid at USC, and [assume] that’s who he is. It’s really important, when assessing character for a player, [to consider] it’s not about what the player has done before but what they may do in the future. Is that past behavior predictive? …[Jones] made a mistake, he owns it, and it isn’t something he glosses over.”
  • One NFL scout told Reiss he thinks the Patriots see a Shane Vereen-style role in the future for fourth-round RB Pierre Strong: “He is a pure speed, third-down back. He didn’t dominate enough at the end of this year when they were making their playoff push to make me say ‘This is the guy.’ But he definitely has talent. Catches the ball. He’s got traits, the production is good, but one question I had is why were they alternating him during the playoffs against Montana State?”


  • Ravens rookie DT Travis Jones mentioned that he really hit his stride during the Senior Bowl: “Throughout the Senior Bowl, I feel like I became more consistent with my hands as a pass rusher. I feel like now that I’m in the league, getting a little better coaching and going against better competition, I’m only going to get better from here. So, it’s going to be good to see.” (Ravens Twitter)
  • Ravens rookie RB Tyler Badie told the media about his excitement when it comes to joining QB Lamar Jackson in Baltimore: “It’s just a great opportunity. The first thing that Coach Harbaugh said was, ‘You ready to play with Lamar [Jackson]?’ I was like, ‘Yeah! Yeah!’ So, I was just really excited just to get the opportunity, get my [foot in] the door. At the end of the day, that’s all you can wish for – is an opportunity – so I’m grateful to have one.” (Ravens Twitter)