Cowboys “Zeroing In On” Mike Nolan As Defensive Coordinator


Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports that the Cowboys are “zeroing in on” Mike Nolan as their defensive coordinator under Mike McCarthy. While no deal is done right now, Pelissero says it’s “heading that way.

A New Orleans source tells Jane Slater that the Cowboys are “pretty certain” to hire Nolan as their defensive coordinator. 

That’s what I’ve heard in the building,” Slater’s source said of Nolan heading to Dallas. “Mike came by and said goodbye. I’d say it’s pretty certain.”

Reports began to surface that Nolan was the guy to watch for the Cowboys’ defensive coordinator job shortly after news broke that McCarthy has been hired as their new head coach, so this isn’t a big surprise. 

Nolan, 60, began his NFL coaching career with the Broncos as their special teams/linebackers coach back in 1987.

Since then, Nolan has worked for several teams including the Giants, Redskins, Jets, Ravens 49ers, Dolphins, Falcons and the Chargers before the Saints hired him as their linebackers coach in 2017. 

During his stint as 49ers’ head coach, Nolan led the team to a record of 18-37 over the course of 55 games.

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