Draft Notes: Trey Lance, Najee Harris, Patrick Surtain II


Daniel Jeremiah of NFL.com has been taking an early look at some of the top draft prospects to watch for the upcoming season and for the 2021 draft. 

Trey Lance

  • Jeremiah says he’s “shocked” by the maturity in North Dakota State QB Trey Lance’s game, as you rarely see a redshirt freshman demonstrate this type of control and mastery of a system.
  • Lance reminds Jeremiah of former Colts QB Andrew Luck: “I know Luck is a little bit bigger, but they are similar athletes and they both played with a maturity beyond their age at the collegiate level. I remember watching Luck run over defenders. I also remember being so impressed with his ability to execute on key plays in every game. I see the same things when I study Lance. More than anything else, these are two guys who exude confidence on the field. They are fearless, but they avoid being reckless. That’s a very delicate balance. Luck was on his way to a Hall of Fame career before shocking the football world and retiring a year ago. I don’t have quite the same grade on Lance, but he could get there with continued growth and development.”

Najee Harris

  • Jeremiah writes that Alabama RB Najee Harris has a tall and athletic build for a running back and is “smooth, fluid runner with a gliding gate.” Beyond that, Jeremiah says Harris excels in the screen game and possesses “outstanding” hands.
  • Overall, Jeremiah sees Harris as a “smooth and effortless” running back, but not someone who will be a home run hitter at the next level.
  • Harris reminds Jeremiah of former Bears RB Matt Forte, as they both have a similar build and running style.

Patrick Surtain II

  • Jeremiah writes that Alabama CB Patrick Surtain II has an “ideal frame” for the position, as he’s tall, long and rangy. Jeremiah thinks Surtain can play in any scheme.
  • The three things that stood out to Jeremiah about Surtain are his “size, instincts and ball skills.
  • Jeremiah mentions that Surtain would be a perfect fit in the Seahawks’ defensive scheme.
  • As for a player comp, Jeremiah says Surtain’s size, jumping ability and consistency remind me of the Dolphins CB Byron Jones.
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