More on the Darrelle Revis situation


Former NFL executive, Andrew Brandt, sheds so light on the Darrelle Revis situation from his point of view.

The most interesting point that Brandt makes is about the misconception that surrounds the three-year, $45 million contract of Raiders CB Nnamdi Asomugha which isn’t necessarily a three-year deal as much as it’s a two-year deal with an option to franchise Asomugha for the final season at the QB franchise rate. Obviously, this was added by Nnamdi’s agent since the QB rate is much higher than that of CB’s. Brandt adds that after the second year of the contract, the Raiders may choose to let him walk which would in turn reset the market. As simple as that sounds, it may be a bit of a stretch because Revis’s is sure to still use this deal as the benchmark for his new deal but he will, in all likelihood, sign his deal before the market is “corrected.” Revis will also want a full guarantee of the negotiated sum, unlike D’Brickashaw Ferguson’s “rolling guarantee” structure contract.

Another point that Brandt makes is that the way that the Jets choose to handle this situation will effect several other players in the locker like Nick Mangold and David Harris directly. It would be hard to picture the Jets falling back down to earth in the next few years but their negotiating strategy may have the biggest impact on this teams longevity.

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