NFL Fines Pete Carroll, Kyle Shanahan & Vic Fangio $100K Each For Not Wearing Masks


Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the NFL fined three head coaches — Denver’s Vic Fangio, Seattle’s Pete Carroll and San Francisco’s Kyle Shanahan — $100,000 each for not wearing masks on Sunday.

Pete Carroll

Beyond that, each of their respective teams have been fined another $250,000 for a total of $1.05 million in fines for not wearing masks.

Reports have said that the NFL was planning to issue serious discipline for coaches who choose not to wear masks in Week 2 after a number of coaches were seen on the sideline not adhering to the agreed-upon protocols for NFL games this year. 

Schefter says it’s possible that more fines could be coming based on video from Monday night’s game between the Raiders and Saints. 

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1 month ago

At least use a picture of Pete from this year. Poor reporting. He had a gaiter around his neck, but rarely wore it, he wasn’t or there without a mask.