NFL GMs Believe Jets Are Most Likely To Trade Out Of Top 10 Picks


Jason Cole of B/R has spoken to two NFL GMs who believe the Jets are the most likely team to trade out of the Top 10 picks this year.

According to Cole, the Jets may be willing to drop back somewhere between four to seven spots, depending on whether teams interested in quarterbacks such as the Browns, Bills and Cardinals are willing to move for their guy.

Cole adds that these three teams are likeliest to move up the board to get either Mitch Trubisky, Deshaun Watson and/or Patrick Mahomes.

This works with a recent report that the Bills at No. 10 overall are the point in which quarterbacks figure to come off of the board. If a team has their sights set on a particular player, they may have to get ahead of Buffalo to in order to ensure that they get their pick of the quarterbacks.

There has been buzz about the Browns already discussing potential trades with the Titans and Jets and it may not cost as much as recent years to trade up in the top-10 picks.

As for the Jets, all indications have been that they would like to obtain some more draft picks to aid their rebuild and the easiest way to do this would be to trade their first-round pick.

We’ll have more regarding the Jets possibly¬†trading back as the news is available.

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