NFL Notes: Rule Changes, Buccaneers, Falcons, & Patriots


Rule Changes

The NFL announced released the list of changes the NFL competition committee is considering for next year.

  • Modifying what is reviewable under instant replay
  • Exploring processes and procedures of how a medical timeout would work
  • Discussing banning the chop block
  • Ensuring that the review process covers what was called on the field and does not create new fouls
  • Refining the definition of a hit on a defenseless player
  • Adding an eighth official
  • Making the extra point more challenging
  • Using tablets on the sideline and for video replay and moving closer to our “sideline of the future” by adopting new technology
  • Continuing to enhance our concussion protocol
  • Increasing our standards for equipment that may make our game safer



Falcons HC Dan Quinn confirmed that he would like to re-sign free agent LB Sean Weatherspoon this offseason.

“With him, it’s that toughness and the speed that he can play with so, yes, definitely someone that we’re talking to,” Quinn said Friday. “I know he’s got that kind of attitude. And you know me, just from watching our style of defense, it’s fast and physical. And that’s what Sean is. So, we’re certainly hoping that he can be a big part of it moving forward.”


  • Patriots free agent RB Shane Vereen denied the reports that he’s looking for $5 million per year in his next contract. (Shane Vereen)

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