NFL Notes: Tom Brady, Chargers, Chiefs, & Saints


Tom Brady

  • Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk writes that after Wednesday’s hearing, the NFLPA and Tom Brady could be less inclined to agreement to a settlement regarding his suspension stemming from DeflateGate.
  • Judge Richard M. Berman took issue with a number of the league’s position in the matter on Wednesday, which means Brady and the union could instead holdout for a possible victory, rather than agree to accepts the NFL’s findings.
  • Florio adds that either side could still take the case to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. However, this would push the case into 2016.


  • According to Rand Getlin of NFL Media, Chargers first-round RB Melvin Gordon is dealing with a minor ankle injury and may not play this week preseason game.



Andrew Cohen of writes that if the Saints end up faltering this season, they at least should consider the idea of fielding trade offers for QB Drew Brees.

Cohen admits that New Orleans could still try to sign Brees to an extension at some point and continue to build around him in the coming. However, this could prove to be very costly for a team that has just begun to address their cap issues in recent years.

If Brees’ play were to decline, they could be a very difficult situation if then end up offering him a similar type of contract to the deals recently signed by veteran quarterback like Philip Rivers and Ben Roethlisberger, who are both making over $20 million per year.

Making a quarterback of Brees’ caliber available for trade could net the Saints an attractive package of draft picks, especially if a bidding war were to breakout between quarterback-needy teams such as the Jets, Bills, Browns, Cardinals and Texans.

New Orleans has clearly been thinking about the future of their quarterback situation, given that they used the No. 75 overall pick this year’s draft on Garrett Grayson.

While this is just a suggestion, it’s at least something to keep an eye if the team gets off to a poor start in in 2015.

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