NFL Notes: Zach Orr, Bears, Titans


Zach Orr

Free agent LB Zach Orr explained during an interview with Sirius XM NFL Radio that he retired due to a birth defect and not an injury.

“The reason I retired is a birth defect, not an injury,” Orr said. “I’m not injured. I feel great.

Orr added that he elected to retire from the NFL back in January after seeing just one doctor.

I retired after seeing only one doctor,” Orr said, per Sirius. “The rest of doctors have told me I’m not at a greater risk.”

Orr reportedly has interest from as any as 16 teams and is currently scheduled to visit with the Colts Friday and the Jets on Saturday (NFLTR).


Bears CB Prince Amukamara mentioned during a recent interview that he’s hoping to find a home soon instead of bouncing around with different teams.

“I don’t want to start bouncing around teams,” Amukamara said, via Chris Emma of 670 The Score. “I want to find a home somewhere soon, what I did in New York. I’m trying to give this team everything I’ve got.

“Every one-year deal is a prove-it deal for the player. That’s just my mindset this year.”

you’re productive, you’re going to be able to play whether it’s here or somewhere else.


Titans wide receivers coach Frisman Jackson made it clear that their receiving corps is going to be about “toughness” above all.

“Toughness. That’s the first thing,” Jackson said, via the Tennessean. “When I first met with these guys and sat in the room with them and got around all of them at the same time, the one thing I talked to them about, ‘We’re going to be the toughest group on the field. Whether it’s the O-line, D-line, linebackers, we want to be known as the toughest, most physical group on the field.’ And that’s what we’re working with every day. I’m preaching toughness from the moment I step in the room in meetings, while we’re on the field in meetings, it’s about toughness, toughness, toughness. Physicality.

“I knew coming into this job what the expectations (were) for the receivers,” Jackson said. “Terry, the moment I met him in 2002 as a rookie, he talked about toughness; he talked about blocking; he talked about being physical; and since I’ve been coaching starting in 2008, those were the same pillars that I talked about with my guys. Toughness, physical and we’re going to block. And the other stuff will take care of itself.”

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