2015 NFL Mock Draft: Two Rounds


We are less than two weeks away from the NFL Draft, so we decided to post a two-round 2015 NFL Mock Draft.

2015 NFL Mock Draft









 Jameis Winston  





 Marcus Mariota





 Dante Fowler 





 Amari Cooper  





 Leonard Williams  





 Vic Beasley  





 Kevin White





 Alvin Dupree     





 Andrus Peat 





 Brandon Scherff  





 DeVante Parker 





 Danny Shelton





 Shane Ray  





 Trae Waynes


 Michigan State



 Kevin Johnson  


 Wake Forest 



 Breshad Perriman  





 Todd Gurley 





 Ereck Flowers





 Nelson Agholor  



Via (BUF)



 Byron Jones  





 Jake Fisher





 Marcus Peters  





 Melvin Gordon





 Arik Armstead  





 D.J. Humphries 





 Randy Gregory





 Eric Kendricks





 Cameron Erving


 Florida State



Landon Collins 





 Jalen Collins 





 Jaelen Strong


 Arizona State

Via (SEA)



 Malcom Brown



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  1. I commend you on your ranking of flowers. Every mock that has him going 9th to the Giants is ridiculous. Hes a late first or second rounder AT BEST. I still believe some teams 2-8 will be reaching, leaving the Giants in a great spot to draft a stud. Randall at 2 is a good pick, although a need pick.

  2. I sure hope Leonard Williams is there for us at 4, however, if we can trade with the Browns we (The Raiders) could scoop up Shane Ray and Randy Gregory. Hmmm, sounds interesting.

  3. While I don’t hate the pick of CB Byron Jones to the Packers at #30, I think a more pressing need is at ILB. I see that Eric Kendricks is still available according to this mock, and I think that is who they will target in the first round. The packers will grab a CB in round 2 and a TE in rounds 3 or 4.

    • i agree with what your saying but i dont think it should be kendricks with the first round pick. thinking more along the lines of anthony from clemson

      • Both Anthony and Kendricks were considered for GB, but they have just as many question marks as Jones and, arguably, less upside. There’s no question that LBs and TEs will be available in round two, but it could be tough to get a CB with Jones’ upside at that point. GB has been connected to Utah CB Eric Rowe in recent days as well.

        • I have Kendricks on the fringe of round 1, about the same I have Byron Jones at. I agree that the upside of Jones is probably greater, so that might tip the scales in his favor, but I think Kendricks and even Anthony are plug-n-play guys for the Packers and have more of an immediate impact for the team. I have Anthony solidly in the 2nd round along with Rowe, and think either as a 1st round guy is a reach the Packers won’t make. Rowe is a combo guy (CB and S) like Micah Hyde currently is for the Packers, and I don’t see them needing 2 guys like that on the roster. I would prefer them to go with a guy who has a clearly defined position, but if the Packers lose S Sean Richardson to the Raiders, it might change my thinking on that and I could see them taking Rowe in the 2nd, assuming they take ILB in the 1st. What are your thoughts on the Packers trading out of the 1st round to high in the 2nd and gaining additional picks while drafting their targets at a better value position? I think it is a real possibility based on their needs, who will probably be available, and the value of the picks are concerned. Are you planning on doing a mock draft with additional rounds past the 1st one? By the way, thanks for both of your replies Brian and Moderator.

          • I’m sure GB would love to move back and get some draft picks in the process, but it’s really a question of whether or not there’s a player worth trading up for towards the end of round one. Usually teams are looking to take a quarterback towards the end of round 1 like Teddy Bridgewater last year because they’ll get another year of control, but it’s hard to say that there will be anyone worth targeting at that point. We’ll post a new two-round mock draft next week.

  4. I don’t see the Vikings investing a first round pick and money in an o-lineman this year. There are veterans available who would upgrade the right guard position and cheaply too. In this draft there is too much talent at running back or in the top tier receivers to not think about finding a new threat in a skill position. Adding a top corner or safety on the first day would also be interesting

    • Though I agree they shouldn’t go lineman in the 1st, I’m curious as to who these magical veteran free agents are? Because I don’t see any value left at guard on the free agent market.. And please, RB or WR? Why on earth would they do that with such glaring needs at LB and in the secondary? They will definitely get a LB or Waynes or Collins. Unless it’s Cooper there is no way they get a WR. And not a chance they take a RB in the 1st.

      • While Blalock and Sims are still out there, they want more $ than the Vikings should spend (If they were going to shell out cash it should have gone to landing Boling). Other guards like Snyder, College, Velesco may not be first choices, they can be signed to short term contracts for less money and still be an upgrade over Charlie Johnson. I actually think Waynes should be their target. In this increasingly pass happy NFL good corners are becoming more and more important. Linebacker talent is fairly shallow and Its likely the true blue chips will be gone when Minnesota picks (plus don’t underestimate the personnel currently on the roster. They may not all be Hall of Famers but the younger players are showing flashes and if they can become more consistent make a real contribution). The WR and RB talent is fairly deep (some fairly good ones should be there as late as the third or fourth) in this draft with some potentially outstanding talent in the upper levels. I think its worth thinking about taking someone early rather than late (where the pickings may clearly yield some decent players but chances are slim for game breakers).

  5. The Bears have 3 DT on the roster and only 1 OLB, who’s hurt. They’d likely draft an OLB seeing that they’ll go into a 3-4 concept next season.

  6. I think that the Colts will focus more on The other side of the ball this draft. With free agency coming up i think they will try to fill the few holes on offense with veteran players and try to get the D the much needed help at stoping the run and rushing the QB. Good prediction though if they decide to fill it via the draft.

    • Agree with OL clearly being on their radar in round one. We just thought they got good value with NT and took care of a potentially big need.

  7. I don’t see the Patriots going RB. They have Blount, Gray, White (a high
    pick last draft) and Bolden under contract. A 1st round RB seems like overkill even if they don’t resign Vereen or Ridley. They’ll most likely re-sign Vereen for that 3rd down RB role.

    You only have e 3 LB going in the first round. That seems like a very low number. Is it a weak class in that spot ?

  8. I know the colts need some help on the OLine but i think that they would be better off picking a good inside line backer like Paul Dawson to help stop the run which they struggled with last year. Maybe sign Shane Vareen to the team as well, would be great to have a good HB to catch out of the back field.

  9. lions will go bpa never for need… see Gurley Or Gordon BPA… hence the ebron pick last year is example. lions were almost dead last in rushing… bush not cutting it

  10. No way Seahawks let Gurley go by them. Closest thing to a replacement for Lynch in the draft. They can “redshirt” him and let his knee heal for when Lynch does hang it up.

    • Thank god! Someone finally let us have it with the “no way this is going to happen” line.

      I agree with you that this is a distinct possibility. We really considered it, but elected to go with a WR. The “redshirt” idea makes plenty of sense as well.

    • Agreed. We thought about giving them Waynes cause it’s good value and they would have two solid young CBs to work with, but that OL is just bad news. Plus, they could re-sign Flowers.

      • haha ! I like the grade you have on the players overall. Of course things will change but I think it was well done. I like that Gordon is a late first and Collins not in top 15.

        But Erek Flowers might not be high enough.

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