AFC Notes: Patriots, Raiders, Texans


Patriots QB Tom Brady admitted that there’s no guarantee he’ll finish out his career in New England, even though that’s obviously his preference.

Well, there is no guarantee in the NFL,” Brady told Jim Gray of Westwood One Monday night, via Pro Football Talk. “I think that’s just what I’ve seen over a long period of time. I certainly hope I play for the Patriots. I hope they want me that long.”

“Some incredible players have moved teams,” Brady said. “I don’t want it to sound that it’s impossible for me to go somewhere else. That’s just not the truth.  Any player can go anywhere during a particular year. That’s just how I feel.  I just try to approach it in a very humble way that I try to work really hard.  I try to gain the trust of my teammates, like I always have. I try to earn it day to day and I want to keep playing.  I want to keep playing at a high level. Obviously, I love this team.  I love the organization.  I love everything about Boston.  Hopefully, I can keep doing it at a really high level.


Miko Grimes mentioned on Revolt TV Tuesday morning that the reason QB Derek Carr got injured earlier in the year was because of a fight he had with the Raiders’ offensive linemen over the anthem protests.

However, Dianna Russini of ESPN has been told by several Raiders sources that this claim is entirely false. “This couldn’t be further from the truth,” a source tells Russini.

According to Russini, the Raiders went to Washington D.C. and discussed as a team including the owner, head coach, and team leaders how they would handle the anthem. The team decided to stay inside the locker room during the National Anthem, but Sunday Night Football is different in that the broadcast protocol has the coin toss before the anthem.

Russini mentions that because the Raiders had to come out on the field for the coin toss, they couldn’t go back in the locker room for the anthem, which ultimately caused confusion.

Sources tell Russini that “Derek Carr never told his team to stand, sit, or kneel. He told them I respect your choice.

A Raiders’ offensive lineman also pointed out that Carr was injured the following Sunday in Denver after he held the ball too long, per Russini.


  • Mike Garafolo reports that Texans QB Deshaun Watson to undergo surgery on torn ACL Wednesday.
  • The procedure will reportedly be performed by Texans team doctor Walt Lowe.

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