Antonio Gates In Line For A “Big, Big Season?”

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network mentioned that San Diego Chargers TE Antonio Gates is in line for a “big, big season.”

The best thing is, he can actually run,” Rapoport said. “… He is in shape. He looks skinny. He was burning cornerbacks left and right in practice. … He is feeling healthier now than he’s been in a couple of years. He is really looking like he’s primed for a big, big season.”

Gates seemed to have regressed considerably last year, but to his credit, he’s been battling a number of injuries recently. If Gates looks as good as Rapoport says, the Chargers offense as a whole could be in for a huge year, as Gates has really been the catalyst that has made the offense run at a high level in years past.

pixy Antonio Gates In Line For A "Big, Big Season?"

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