Brad Childress Will Be Calling Plays For The Browns


Here’s some news that will surely lift Browns fans spirits about the 2012 season.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Cleveland Browns have hired former Vikings head coach Brad Childress as their next offensive coordinator.

Childress has run a similar west-coast offense based system to that of Mike Holmgren‘s so the decision isn’t all too surprising. Childress’s time in Minnesota came to a pretty dramatic end and many felt that he was no longer capable of being an effective coach but the Browns are hoping that being out of the league for a year was just what he needed.

Childress will not inherit an offense void of talent at almost all positions. Cleveland has already said that they intend to heavily invest in the offensive side of the ball during the offseason so it will be up to Childress to make it work.

pixy Brad Childress Will Be Calling Plays For The Browns

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