Browns WR Josh Gordon Likely To Work Out Deal With NFL Regarding Suspension


Mike Freeman reports that some type of deal will likely be reached between Browns WR Josh Gordon and the NFL regarding his impending suspension, according to various “team, league and union sources.”

Gordon is facing suspension for two separate infractions: an alleged failure of a marijuana test and a recent DWI.

  • Freeman notes that the drug infraction falls under the purview of the league’s drug testing policy while the DWI is in the domain of Roger Goodell’s disciplinary authority.
  • Freeman’s sources have told him that the NFL will likely hand down a singular punishment for the distinct offenses, and that it “may not be a full season” as widely speculated.

What does appear clear from Freeman’s article however, is that Gordon will return to the NFL at some point, despite his apparent personal issues.

Freeman notes that many within the Browns locker room feel betrayed by Gordon, but he would not be the first troubled player to receive another chance.

  • Freeman writes that he “cannot find a single team or league official who believes that Gordon will not play again. Everyone believes he will.”

Gordon is still only 23 years old, and incredibly talented.  Even if he were to receive a full year suspension, he would return to the league as a 24-year old, presumably with one less year of wear and tear.


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