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Chargers Say Election For New Stadium In San Diego Is “Not Possible”

The Chargers have released a statement which concludes that it would not be possible to place a stadium ballot measure with the City of San Diego for the December 2015 ballot, given the requirements of California’s election law and California Environmental Quality Act.

Special counsel of the Chargers Mark Fabiani said in the statement:

“Based on all of this work and discussion, the Chargers have concluded that it is not possible to place a ballot measure before voters in December 2015 in a legally defensible manner given the requirements of the State’s election law and the California Environmental Quality Act. The various options that we have explored with the City’s experts all lead to the same result: Significant time-consuming litigation founded on multiple legal challenges, followed by a high risk of eventual defeat in the courts. The Chargers are committed to maintaining an open line of communication with the City’s negotiators as we move through the summer and leading up to the special August meeting of National Football League owners. That meeting may provide important information about what is likely to occur during the remainder of 2015.”

While this does not officially close the Chargers chances of remaining in San Diego, it does seem to give a boost to the possibility of them relocating to Los Angeles.

More information regarding the Chargers bid for a new stadium should be released come the NFL owners meetings in August.

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