DeSean Jackson’s Deal On The Way?


Now that we know Michael Vick will be staying in Philadelphia for the remainder of his NFL career, the attention can be turned to another Pro Bowl player on their roster.

Vick got a six year deal for $100 million from the Eagles but what’s interesting about this deal is that it barely reduces his 2011 hap hit which is usually one of the benefits of re-signing players, especially those that are franchised.

“That’s not the kind of sum that’s going to make a Jackson deal suddenly materialize,”  writes Jonathan Tamari of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “Maybe they save more when cuts arrive, but those cuts were going to happen regardless of a Vick deal or not. The bottom line: it seems that these two deals were separate and Vick’s signing doesn’t necessarily mean that a Jackson deal is on the horizon.”

Before the Eagles re-signed Vick, they were sitting $2.1 million under the cap as of yesterday and considering that they’ll only be saving $1.8 million from Vick’s new contract, they’re almost certainly not going to have the available cash to get a deal done during the season.

Unless the team cuts some drastic payroll by the end of the week you can expect Jackson to hit the free agent market following the season but by then the Eagles will be able to buy themselves some time with the franchise tag.

pixy DeSean Jackson's Deal On The Way?

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