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Dolphins Trading For Eagles G Evan Mathis Not A Strong Possibility

Drew Rosenhaus, the agent for Eagles G Evan Mathis, mentioned during an apparenace on the Joe Rose Show that his client ending up with the Dolphins is not a “strong possibility.”

“I’ve been given permission by the Eagles to shop Evans,” Rosenhaus said, via CBS Miami. “We thought we had a trade with another team leading up to the Draft. It was not the Dolphins.

“It kind of fell through based on what the team did in the draft but right now it doesn’t appear the Dolphins are a strong possibility. We’ve never really gotten close on a trade with the Dolphins.”

Eagles HC Chip Kelly told reporters weeks ago that Mathis has been available for trade for two years now. However, they’ve yet to receive any offers for him.

Evan Mathis has been available for trade for two years and there have been no offers,” Kelly said, per Dave Weinberg.

According to Ian Rapoport, the Lions had “some interest” in Mathis before they took Laken Tomlinson in round one.

The fact that Mathis has been available for trade for so long makes it seem like either the Eagles would have to drop their asking price or some team would have to sustain an injury to one of their guards for things to change.

Mathis, 33, still has another two years remaining on his five-year, $25 million contract that included $7 million guaranteed. He stands to make another $5.5 million in 2015 and another $6 million in 2016.

According to, trading Maths would free up $4.5 million in available cap space while creating $2 million in dead money.

Last year, Mathis appeared in nine games for the Eagles after he dealt with an MCL injury. Pro Football Focus has him rated as the No. 2 guard out of 78 qualifying players.


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Good. Miami’s best option is to sign a rookie lineman or two from the last round of NFL cuts to the practice squad.


I just don’t get the reason he’s not pleased , he’s an aging lineman that nobody has interest in right now , just ball out and show Chip and the rest of the league your value…staying healthy should be his biggest concern at tha moment.


i dont know why in the world Miami wouldnt make this trade. they have gaping holes at both OG spots and Mathis rated as one of the best in the game last season. unless Philly wants an outrageous return it seems like a no brainer. maybe for a 4th rd pick?

Don Lashley

You don trade a 4th for a 32 year G. G are the most replaceable position in the game

Randy Richbourg

You’ve obviously lost your mind. To start with, no team, no matter how desperate for a guard, is going to give up a 4th rounder for a 34 year old guard. Second, Miami has no interest in paying a 34 year old guard 5.5 plus million dollars, when all they have to do is wait on Chip Kelly to cut him, Miami claims him, and then signs him to a contract just north of the veteran league minimum. Miami is doing the right thing, wait. He’s not that great of a catch anyway.

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