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Dolphins WR Rishard Matthews Requested To Be Traded Or Released, Miami Not Interested In Either

Armando Salguero reports that Dolphins WR Rishard Matthews requested to either be released or traded following the recent string of moves Miami has made in regards to their receiving corps.

However, the Dolphins reportedly told Matthews that they have no plans to make him available for trade or release him outright.

Salguero points to the fact that Matthews is still a young receiver with a cheap contract, so there really isn’t much of an incentive to move on him at this point in time.

Miami parted ways with veteran receivers Brian Hartline and Brandon Gibson on Thursday and have reportedly been consider moving on without Mike Wallace.

Given the roster turnover at the position, it seems likely that the Dolphins could target upgrades in free agency and the draft.

Matthews, 25, still has another year remaining on his four-year, $2,151,392 rookie contract that includes a base salary of $660,000 for the 2015 season.

In 2014, Matthews appeared in 14 games and caught 12 passes for 135 yards receiving and two touchdowns for the Dolphins. According to Pro Football Focus, Matthews was limited to playing just 218 snaps last year.




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When will either you guys, or the Fool Reporters listening to Salguero learn? This Miami Herald Hack, hates The Dolphins. Never, I mean never has anything but negativity towards the Dolphins, and ANY thing that has Salguero as a source, is out right Bull shit!


These guys are not usually sought after because they belong to Mensa but rather their physical attributes. Maybe Joe pissed him off as well…as the Dolphins turn…more to come.


Why would you want to leave when theres a big opportunity for you to recieve playing with the recent roster moves?


I was thinking that as well. I guess something happened we will probably not know about.

David Ashley

Ditto 1sb1. Guy has real potential in Miami and showed that last year in Tampa and a bit this year – that was until this brain absent request. Maybe someone should give him a hint.

melmack 1

But not if he is not happy !!! :-((


Was (as in WAS) a proponent of Matthews playing more.

Rocky Roque

OK so I am a third stringer and haven’t been able to play much, now I got a chance to play and make money down the road and I am mad about it.? This story makes no sense.


He is an idiot. It seems he would see Gibson and Hartline being cut as an opportunity. He is throwing a tantrum because his buddies were cut. I hope we cut his dumb butt in late August that way he ends up on a pactice squad somewhere – maybe.


Old news. And irrelevant.

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