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Jets Players Not Keen On Santonio Holmes Returning

A New York Jets player told the New York Daily News that he “doesn’t see howSantonio Holmes could return to the team next season after quitting on his teammates last weekend.

The article has some very interesting quotes from teammates discussing how he criticized Mark Sanchez throughout the week and how the team reacted to his performance on Sunday.

We discussed the Jets situation in depth yesterday and despite the comments being made by Holmes’s teammates, New York really has no option other than bringing him back and hoping for the best. The contract that Holmes signed will guarantee him $7.75 million next season so cutting him isn’t practical and they could be on the hook for another $7.5 million depending on if they keep him for the next season. No ones going to trade him following another fallout with a team and his contract is almost an albatross at this point.

For as much credit as Rex Ryan gets for motivating his team, he deserves the blame for not addressing the situation during the week. If the Jets won on Sunday they would have been in playoffs but instead we’re reading about a team who known for their chemistry combusting when it mattered most.
pixy Jets Players Not Keen On Santonio Holmes Returning

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