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Jim Irsay Trying To Hire Peyton Manning As Head Of Football Operations


Bob Kravitz, citing multiple sources, reports that it’s “unlikely” the Colts will hire Peyton Manning as their head of football operations at this point in time. Kravitz adds that he isn’t sure if the sticking point is related ownership share or the timing of the move.


Jay Glazer reported on FOX that Colts owner Jim Irsay is making a “strong push” to lure Peyton Manning back to Indianapolis and has had talks with him about becoming the team’s head of football operations.

Glazer says that Irsay has met with Manning and former NFL HC Jon Gruden about taking over the team, but it doesn’t appear as though Gruden is going to take this role.

Meanwhile, Bob Kravitz confirms that the Colts have spoken to Manning about a front office role but the situation is still considered to be fluid at this point in time. Multiple sources have told Kravitz that Irsay recently met with Gruden and Manning and Gruden turned down the offer. The team has yet to respond to Kravitz’s request for comment.

Earlier in the day, Adam Schefter reported that the rumors of Irsay trying to lure Gruden back to the NFL are true. However, Gruden resisted the Colts overtures and plans to remain at ESPN.

According to Schefter, Gruden denied having discussions with Irsay.

“I know nothing. I’ve told people, I’m not coaching. I’m a broadcaster, I’m not a coach,” Gruden said, per Schefter.

Schefter adds that Irsay’s run at Gruden is another sign of his thinking and the fact that he’s willing to do anything in his power to get the Colts another championship.

Irsay has been strangely quiet since the team’s season ended, which has led to reports and speculation that he could be targeting a big-name head coach like Gruden. However, it appears he struck out with at least one notable target.

This immediately calls into question the future of HC Chuck Pagano and GM Ryan Grigson, as it can’t be a great sign for them if their owner is attempting to hire replacements while not saying anything publicly.

There has been a lot of talk that the team should consider moving on from both Pagano and Grigson after another disappointing season, so this will be a popular topic to watch in the coming weeks or at least until Irsay makes some sort of official announcement regarding their future with the team.


We’ll have more regarding the Colts as the news is available.

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