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NFL Rumors: Barry Cofield Done In New York?

Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger provides some quotes from New York Giants DT Barry Cofield regarding his future with the team.

“I feel like they’ve seen the work that I put in, they told me that I’m a valuable part of the team and they would like to keep me,” he said after a workout at TEST Sports Clubs in Martinsville. “I just feel like I’m the one guy that, whatever you read, they say they want to try and re-sign everybody, but Cofield’s probably gone. I don’t understand that.

The Giants did extend a tender to Cofield that would pay him a salary of around $2 million for the 2011 season but as we’ve mentioned previously, the tenders being offered from teams are meaningless until we know the requirements for unrestricted free agents. The only thing that can be taken from them is the teams level of interest in specific players.

“I feel like I’m the one guy that everyone’s writing off, but I think that’s a good thing, that means they feel like there will be a high demand for me. But the Giants said they want to have an opportunity to be in the running and I would prefer to stay.”

Cofield suffered a shoulder injury that he is currently rehabbing but he says that he should be ready at some point in the summer.

In regards to the labor talks, Cofield expressed some frustrations.

“The uncertainty sucks, I’d rather have signed with the Giants last year, but they’ve been saying all along, with the lockout, with that coming up, they don’t want to make any moves, and I respect them for sticking to that.”

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