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NFL Rumors: Bengals Considering Julio Jones At No. 4?

SI’s Peter King reports that “several personnel sources” have told him that the Cincinnati Bengals have Alabama WR Julio Jones listed higher on their board than Georgia’s WR A.J. Green which is pretty surprising considering that several draft experts have the Bengals taking Green with their No. 4 overall pick. King’s sources mentioned that the Bengals see Jones as a safer pick because of his work ethic and blocking skills.

In recent weeks, speculation that Cincinnati could end up drafting a quarterback has grown significantly and given that the Carson Palmer saga is no where near over, the idea holds some amount of water. Both receivers are great prospects and will most likely help whoever drafts them right away but I still see the Bengals taking a quarterback rather than hope that Palmer will return for the 2011 season.

Legendary coach Bill Walsh once said that a team should “only draft a wide receiver once all other needs are met” and this is coming from the guy that drafted arguably the greatest player in NFL history who just happened to play wide receiver. The Bengals have to many other needs to fill to justify taking a player that requires someone to throw him the ball.



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