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NFL Rumors: Redskins Bringing In Vince Young?

The South Florida South-Sentinel mentions that they’re hearing rumors that the Washington Redskins are the front runners to get Titans QB Vince Young. This news is also echoed by Redskins beat writer Rich Tandler.

Besides the current lockout, Young’s salary possess the biggest obstacle for any team that may have interest in him. He’s set to make a $4.25 million bonus in addition to his $8.5 million which is why it’s more likely that the Titans will end up releasing. If this ends up being the case, Young will be looking for the chance to start and that’s one thing that the Redskins can offer him.

A few months back it was reported that the Miami Dolphins had interest in him but that speculation has died done since then. I still wouldn’t rule out the possibility that the Dolphins could end up signing him but the Redskins would make more sense considering that Miami appears to be going with Chad Henne.

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