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Peyton Manning Will Be The Broncos Next QB

Jay Glazer reports that the Broncos were willing to give Manning $95 million over five-years during their previous meetings.

Deal would most likely be front-loaded and basically a continuation of the deal that the Colts gave him last year.


ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that Peyton Manning has informed his agent Tom Condon that he’s ready to begin contract negotiations with the Denver Broncos.

Manning has already informed the other teams that were in consideration of his decision. Mortensen adds that the two sides have discussed the parameters of a five-year contract worth $90 million but they’ll still have to iron out the details in the coming days.

Tim Tebow now goes on the trading block but it’s hard to imagine that they’ll find a lot of interest in him on the open market.

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goodbye tebow no more miracles every sunday from you goodluck getting your spot back if you don’t get traded


Why not keep Tebow and have him learn from the Master?

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