More Updates Regarding New Drug Policy Negotiations That Could Lift Suspensions



Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk updates the situation regarding a new drug policy.

A source with knowledge of the negotiations has informed him that the league is proposing a one-game deactivation with pay for the next game after any DUI arrest.

It’s worth mentioning that this wouldn’t be a suspension, and would not require players in this situation to forfeit their salary for the time missed.

Florio adds that the proposal would apply everyone including league employees and owners.

One of the last remaining sticking points in the on-going negotiations is the NFL’s request for first-time offenders to receive a “minimum two-game suspension” after the case has concluded the legal process.

According to Florio, suspended players could be back in time for Week 2.

We’ll have more updates as the news is available.


According to a league source who spoke to Mike Florio, the NFLPA has told Cowboys suspended CB Orlando Scandrick that a new policy won’t be in place in time for him to play in Week 1.

Jason Cole reports that at least two players currently suspended are hoping for their penalties to be reduced once a new agreement is reached.

For what it’s worth, Cole does list Wes Welker and Josh Gordon as the two players.


Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports that the NFL and NFLPA have reached a tentative agreement regarding a third-party arbitrator overhearing appeals stemming from PED and HGH violations.

According to Florio’s source, a form of neutral arbitration would be used under the current tentative agreement.

This still leaves the issue of the NFL wanting to impose suspensions for players that arrested for DUI’s even before the case has gone through court.

PFT spoke to one source who said that he’s “expecting an announcement at any time.

It’s hard to say what will end up happening with suspended players, but there is at least some optimism that they could be reduced and/or removed all together as part of this agreement.


NFLPA assistant executive director of external affairs George Atallah told The Associated Press on Friday that the NFL is trying to include a provision that would allow them punish players for alleged DUI cases before the due process has played out.

“They want to immediately discipline for an arrest,” said Atallah, via USA Today. “…We prefer to discuss these issues directly with the union.”

  • Albert Breer confirms that this issue remains a sticking point in the ongoing talks regarding a new drug policy.

Meanwhile, Clarence Hill reports that the NFLPA has “no plans of agreeing to a new policy that includes immediate suspensions for arrests for suspicion of DUI.”

Regarding suspension possibly being lifted, Hill reports that both parties are “undecided” on retroactively lifting suspensions and still aren’t sure how this will pertain to domestic abuse and the drug policy overall.

Hill adds that there is “no chance” of any suspended player suiting up in Week 1 given that an agreement is not coming today.


Clarence Hill reports that a new drug policy is “very close” to getting done and the suspension for Cowboys CB Orlando Scandrick will be lifted as soon as a new agreement is in place.

This would be great news for Broncos WR Wes Welker as they both reportedly took Molly laced with amphetamines, which triggered the positive tests.

Browns WR Josh Gordon could receive a reduced sentence or possibly have his suspension thrown out completely.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk first reported that this was a possibility last night.

This agreement is expected to give an independent arbitrator the ability to oversee positive tests. However, the issue of whether Roger Goodell or the arbitrator will handle appeals cases reportedly remains a “sticking point.”

Albert Breer reports that talks between the two sides intensified close to 10 days ago and they are treating this Sunday as a “soft deadline.

  • Breer adds that DUI policy is another sticking point in the current talks.
  • According to Breer, they have made progress regarding Goodell overseeing appeal cases.

The NFL and NFLPA would obviously have to agree to apply any new rules retroactively to cases like Welker and Gordon for them to benefit, but this could easily be negotiated into a deal.

We’ll have more updates regarding this situation as the news is available.


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