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Texans Unlikely To Trade For Patriots QB Ryan Mallett?



John McClain of the Houston Chronicle mentions that the Texans “won’t be trading for Ryan Mallett,” despite recent reports that have mentioned that they have “real” interest in the Patriots’ backup quarterback.

McClain has remained adamant that the Texans will be drafting a quarterback for months now, so the talk of them pursuing veteran options could be overblown to some degree.


Nick Underhill of MassLive.com, citing a league source, reports that the Houston Texans have “real” interest in a trading for Patriots’ QB Ryan Mallett.

Rumors of the Texans’ interest were circulating earlier in the day, however Underhill cautions that “nothing is definite” at this point in time.

  • Underhill adds that the two sides are just talking as of now.

Previous reports have indicated that New England is looking for a second-round pick in return for Mallett, but a sources has told MassLive.com that the Patriots turned down a similar offer back in 2012 from the Denver Broncos.

The Texans are clearly in need of help at the quarterback position and Mallett has obvious times to new HC Bill O’Brien given he had years as a Patriots assistant.

Houston has the No. 33 overall pick, which could prove to be to be too costly for them to part with.

We’ll have more regarding a potential Mallett-trade as the news is available.

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