Reuben Foster’s Ex-Girlfriend Testifies She Made Up Domestic Violence Allegations


The defensive in Reuben Foster’s submitted evidence photos of ex-girlfriend, Elissa Ennis, with scratches and abrasions, per Matt Maiocco. Ennis explained that the injuries sustained were from the fight with the women the night before.

Here’s how the line of question from Foster attorney went Thursday, per Cam Inman:

Did Mr. Foster ever hit you?

“No sir.”

You lied because in your words you wanted to take him down?

“Yes sir (cries, grabs tissue).”

To ruin his career?

“Yes sir (cries).

Because this breakup was final?

“Yes sir. I’m sorry. I apologize to everybody.

Ennis also admitted to falsely accusing an ex-boyfriend of domestic violence after he broke up with her back in 2011, per Cam Inman.

According to Ennis, she felt the need to testify today because she “had to do the right thing.

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On Thursday, Reuben Foster’s ex-girlfriend, Elissa Ennis, testified that she lied to police on Feb. 11 following incident because she “wanted to be extra, wanted him to go down and was pissed” after he broke up with her that morning, per Nick Wagoner.

“I was threatening Reuben. … that I was going to f*** up his career,” Ennis said, per Cam Inman.

Ennis added that she called 911 three times because: “I wanted to be extra. I wanted him to go down. I was pissed.

When asked by the prosecution if Foster put his hands on her, Ennis answered: “No, sir. Not once.”

According to Ennis, “It was all a money scheme. I didn’t want to get this far in the news. It was about money.

“I was lying about a bunch of stuff,” she said, per Matt Maiocco.

Ennis explained that she got in a fight with two women in San Francisco before coming home to Foster’s Los Gatos home and going to bed, per Evan Sernoffsky. In the morning, Foster broke up with her.

Nick Wagoner reports that Ennis testified at Foster’s preliminary hearing against the advice of her attorney Stephanie Rickard, who advised her to take advantage of her fifth amendment right not to incriminate herself.

Foster, 24, is a former first-round pick of the 49ers back in 2017. He’s entering the second year of his four-year, $9.03 million contract and stands to make base salaries of $875,708 and $1.28 million over the next two years of the agreement.

The 49ers will have a fifth-year option to pick up in 2020 that’s guaranteed for injury only.

In 2017, Foster appeared in 10 games and recorded 72 tackles, no sacks or interceptions and one pass defense. Pro Football Focus has him rated as the No. 4 linebacker out of 88 qualifying players.

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Never trust a bitch, everyone out here is trying to get married to those who are only loyal to your money and fame fuck em


This is why people should not be suspended for accusations.


Hmmmm has someone been paid to reverse course???


seeing as how he broke up with her and her money train was over, it was basic spite. but of course nothing will happen to her because she lied.


She deserves to go to jail


100% agreed, just like those females that falsely accuse a man of rape.