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Bills Officially Hire Rob Ryan As Assistant HC/Defense


The Buffalo Bills announced Sunday night that they’ve hired Rob Ryan as assistant head coach/defense.

“I’m excited to have Rob join our staff and I think he will be a great asset for our defense,Rex Ryan said of hiring his brother, per Aaron Wilson.

“He was around for several days and he really, really liked the players that we have, and you know and sees what we are building,” said Rex Ryan. “And he has been around a lot of teams. So I think he was impressed with this organization.”


Alex Marvez of FOX Sports reports that the Bills are hiring Rob Ryan, who will join their defensive coaching staff.

Rob is HC Rex Ryan’s brother, and was seen at the Bills’ facility a few months ago after he was fired as the Saints defensive coordinator.

According to Marvez, Rob will work under and with his brother next year.

It was unlikely that Rob was going to get another defensive coordinator job this offseason, so this could at least give him an opportunity to take a step back focus on helping his brother’s defensive unit.

Ryan, 53, has worked as the defensive coordinator for a number of teams including the Browns, Cowboys and Saints.

At the time in which the Saints elected to fire him mid-season, they were dead last in total yards allowed and points-per game at 31.5, and were on pace to allow an NFL record 45 passing touchdowns.

  • Exasperated Bills Fan

    I cannot stand rex Ryan and dont know rob as a coach but honestly believe this may light a fire under each of them knowing this is truly their last bite at the apple!!! Man up or mic up! Espn or nfl network… Ownership has committed to Rex so does it matter who he brings in? I truly want the Bills to win so hope their brotherhood will help them work harder to win. Though it is more likely they will be regulars at the Big Tree Inn and possibly fight each other in the parking lot. As a Bills fan, I am indifferent as long as ownership is committed to someone like Rex who proved he is a terrible coach and dismantled a tremendously talented team in NY. It took him 2 years with the Jets but he somehow ruined a playoff roster with the Bills in one year. To everyone arguing injuries, note that there were 3 other playoff teams with an equal or greater amount of players on the IR. Rex will arfue injuries as sales for his job like no one else. FYI, I live in the Jets market and have since 2009. Rex single handedly dismantled a team built to win perennially. So again, I am indifferent to the stupidity that occurs. I want the Bills to win and pray that they can even though they have idiots leading the team. But the team may be better served to lose out in 2016 so they can get a great draft pick with a new staff.

  • Ron cole

    Next year is already down the tubs SMH

  • Alan

    No one else would have him!

  • Benny

    Next year at this time Buffalo will fire them both,LOL.

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