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The Current Market For RGIII

Mike Freeman of CBSSports.com reports that league sources have mentioned that there are “at least” three teams that are “strongly considering” making the move up to #2 for Baylor QB Robert Griffin III. Freeman specifically mentions that the Redskins, Dolphins and Seahawks as being the interested teams.

Freeman adds that the Browns do have interest but “not as much as the other teams.” The Redskins still believed to be the favorites and Seahawks are considered the “sleeper.” Miami will have Matt Flynn as a contingency option in case the price is too high for their liking.


SI.com’s Peter King tweets that the Browns would have to throw in another second-round pick on top of their #4 and #22 picks in this year’s draft.

Keep in mind that this is the asking price to move up two positions in draft. IfKing is accurate about the kind of package that the Rams are looking for, then you would have to think that there’s almost no way that the Dolphins and Seahawks could move up unless they’re willing to part with majority of their draft to do so.


Griffin posted an “unofficial” forty times of 4.38 and 4.41 at today’s Scouting Combine workout.

In case you’re unfamiliar with just how fast that is, Michael Vick ran a 4.33 and posting a time of 4.4 is considered to be exceptional speed so if these times become accurate, it can only add to what has been a very solid week for the Heisman Trophy winner.

All of this is great news for the St Louis Rams who can now justify their reportedly high asking price for the #2 overall pick.


  • NWsportsExpert

    For the Seahawks to compete with Redskins and Browns who are the front runners in this tirade to get RG3 they will have to outbid their former head coach in Holmgren and an owner not shy to drop money on players he wants. I believe Seattle is the best fit for RG3 out of the teams in the running including Miami despite having a 1st round pick outside the top 10 in the draft they have an owner just as motivated as Snyder in Allen and a coach and GM whom are pressed to get the guy they want even it if it means losing half your draft this year to get him. For one Peyton is going to Miami, no doubt about it, and Flynn to Washington if you ask me. So take your big bidders off the table, knowing Holmgren very well he never drafts a QB in 1st round, and he doesn’t like to give up picks, with Blackmon, and a few very good RBs out there in 1st round I seriously doubt he is going to take a QB high, he would go after Richardson, or Blackmon for sure if not James from Oregon. Holmgren likes solid running backs, and thats what they lacked last year with McCoy was a solid runner who could open it up for Colt to do some work down field. I believe he might go afer Tannehill, or Cousins in 2nd round as insurance if McCoy doesn’t take advantage of a real chance to succeed with Browns. So the price on RG3 may seem high to reporters and why wouldn’t Rams trade down to 12 and be able to fill a lot of holes in this draft namely a WR for Bradford, and some holes on defense. Seattle will be willing to part with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and a first and second next year. Carroll needs to have his guy, and with a solid O Line, and running game and core of young receivers eager to have a QB to throw to them. I see Seattle as the favorite and so what if they are in same division with them! The Rams can single-handedly  cripple the Seahawks for years if RG3 don’t pan out like all the experts think he will, they can fill more holes and be able to win more consistently this year with a healthier team filled with young talent with their new coach Fisher at the helm than if they were to settle for just a couple picks from teams in the top 10, Seahawks will give up more, and thats what Rams want. And if Rams end up taking Kahlil or Blackmon at the 2 cuz they couldn’t find a suitor than the Seahawks will get the Vikings #3 pick!! Lets watch and see how this all plays out.

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