2019 Restricted Free Agent Tracker


Here’s our restricted free agent tracker, which shows the RFAs that have been tendered contracts or re-signed this year and what it would cost in terms of draft compensation for another team to sign them away.

The list is also updated to show who has been signed.

The restricted tags for 2019 will be: 

  • 1st round: $4.407M
  • 2nd round: $3.095M
  • Low round: $2.025M


BALPatrick OnwuasorLBRe-signed
BALMichael PierceNTRe-signed
CINTrey HopkinsGRe-signed
CLERashard HigginsWRRe-signed
DENShelby HarrisNTRe-signed
GBGeronimo AllisonWRRe-signed
HOUBrandon DunnNTRe-signed
HOUKa’imi FairbairnKRe-signed
HOUBrennan ScarlettLBRe-signed
INDEvan BoehmGRe-signed
INDMatthias FarleyDBRe-signed
INDChester RogersWRRe-signed
KCJordan LucasDBRe-signed
LACTrevor WilliamsDBRe-signed
LARMalcolm BrownRBLAR Matched DET offer
LARBlake CountessDBRe-signed
LARTroy HillDBRe-signed
LARCory LittletonLBRe-signed
MINAnthony HarrisDBRe-signed
MINRashod HillTRe-signed
NEJosh GordonWRRe-signed
NEJonathan JonesDBRe-signed
NOKen CrawleyDBRe-signed
NYGCorey ColemanWRRe-signed
NYJRobby AndersonWRRe-signed
OAKJalen RichardRBRe-signed
OAKDaryl WorleyDBRe-signed
PHINate SudfeldQBRe-signed
PITB.J. FinneyCRe-signed
PITXavier GrimbleTERe-signed
SEAGeorge FantOTRe-signed
SEAQuinton JeffersonDERe-signed
SFRaheem MostertRBRe-signed
TBPeyton BarberRBRe-signed


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