AFC Notes: Bills, Chargers, Patriots



New Bills HC Sean McDermott explained in an interview with Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News that he doesn’t believe you can’t be an effective head coach by focusing solely on one side of the ball.

“You can’t just be a one-sided head coach and be effective,” McDermott said. “I want my influence to be felt in all three phases. Certainly, the defense comes naturally for me, but that said, I’ve had ideas for what I want the offense and special teams to look like as well.

“I think the tendency for some is when you get into the special-teams periods and things like that to just, ‘Hey, that’s an off period for coaches sometimes.’ And special teams is where you win games. You’re going to win or lose sometimes two or three games a year on special teams or situational football.

Instead, McDermott says he plans to be involved with all aspects of the team at all times.

“My hand will be on the back of this team at all times,” McDermott added. “Sometimes that means it’s like this [pushing] and sometimes that means it’s just right here [holding it still] and the guys know, even though the pressure may not be as hard, when they look, yeah, I’m right here from a support standpoint.

“There’s other times when it’s going to be, ‘Hey, let’s go,’ because I think that’s what a leader does.”


According to Chargers QB Philip Rivers, WR Keenan Allenlooks like himself” after missing nearly the entire 2016 season, due to a torn ACL.

“He looks like himself,” Rivers said on “The Rich Eisen Show. “… I really think he looks just as good as before he got hurt.

“He practiced with us all offseason,” Rivers added. “I spoke to him the other day, and he’s so fired up to be out there with us. I don’t think you’ll see a difference. You’ll see the same guy trot out there as last September.”


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