AFC Notes: Bills, Dolphins, Patriots



Bills rookie QB Jake Fromm addressed the text messages that surfaced a few months ago in which he said “only elite white people” should be able to purchase guns. Fromm told reporters that these messages are not indicative of his character and he hopes he’ll be able to earn trust through his actions from here. 

“That’s not where my heart is,” Fromm said, via Marcel Louis-Jacques of ESPN. “The one thing that I want to do here on this earth is love God and love people, and I fell short of that. I want to make amends and really be better from here on out so that I can earn their trust and really bring something to this football team.



With quarterbacks Brian Hoyer and Jarrett Stidham both ready to compete for the starting job, Cam Newton knows he has work ahead of him in New England as he joins a new team and returns from injury in 2019.

“Just right now, for me, the season’s not here yet, so I do still have time,” Newton said, via Zack Cox of NESN. “Working with the training staff here as well as having all the outlets at your disposal to get better and be as confident as (can) become opening day or when the team may need you, I think that’s the most important thing. As far as how I feel right now, I feel amazing. I feel great. Probably not any different from any other person who’s in that locker room right now. So I’m extremely optimistic about that. But through it all, it’s just putting yourself in the position to be in the best shape and have your body in the best possible situation when you actually need it. At this particular time, sir, I’m full-go.”

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