AFC South Notes: Colts, Texans, Titans



Colts C Ryan Kelly, who has opened initial extension discussions with the organization, said he’d like to play his entire career in Indianapolis and believes he’ll continue playing with them “for a while.”

I think we have something special on our offensive line and I’d like to play my entire career in Indianapolis,” Kelly said, via Kevin Bowen of 1075TheFan. “I really believe I’ll be here for a while, I hope.”

Kelly mentioned that he is continually focused on staying on the field “as much as possible” after playing in all 16 games last year. 

“The thing for me is, how do I stay on the field? Whether that’s changing my nutrition and making sure all my joints and I’m moving the way I want to, so late in November and December, I still feel as good as I did Week One.”

Colts HC Frank Reich praised Kelly for taking “complete control” of their offensive line corps and becoming a leader of the program. 

“I didn’t realize how much of an alpha dog he is. He has been top-notch. This guy has taken complete control the offensive line room as far as calls, what we do in the protection world, in the run game. He’s a really, really smart football player. He prepares very hard. He’s tough. He’s got that personality, deep voice and talks with a lot of authority. He’s not one for much small talk. He’s just barking out the signals. I think Ryan breeds confidence. When you hear him make the calls, you hear it with authority, you hear it with conviction. I think the offensive line feeds off it. Everyone talks about Quenton (Nelson) and he is our inspirational (guy) in many respects, but don’t underestimate the kind of leadership that Ryan is bringing.


Texans OC Tim Kelly said he feels prepared to call plays this season after studying the game under HC Bill O’Brien in his first year as coordinator.

“I think anytime you’re doing something for the first time, there’s going to some form of a learning process,” Kelly said, via ProFootballTalk. “So last year being in the offensive coordinator position for the first time, it was the first time I had done so, so I was learning something from OB [O’Brien] every week, every game, every day we were in there. So being able to take those lessons and make sure that we’re able to improve in certain areas as we move forward here was a good thing.”

Kelly said he is focused on being on the same page with Texans QB Deshaun Watson and believes there are still areas they could both improve. 

“If you’re calling plays or you’re a part of the play-calling process, you want to make sure that you’re seeing the game through same set of eyes as the quarterback, that you’re all on the same page, that you all have the same vision of the play when the play gets called,” Kelly said. “That’s something where as we continue to grow, that’s going to be important. And yeah, there’s things that Deshaun needs to get better at, as all of us need to improve on. We’ve talked about that with him, coming out and being consistent and playing at that [high level all the time]. He’s set the bar so high, so it’s really a challenge for him to be able to play at that level every time he steps on the field.”


Titans WR A.J. Brown had an incredible rookie season, catching 52 passes for 1,051 yards and eight touchdowns as the Titans made a run all the way to the AFC title game. Brown flashed the ability to be a complete receiver, averaging 20 yards per catch and proving himself as a beast after the catch and with an ability to win contested passes. He says 2020 was just the beginning. 

“I think the sky is the limit for me to be honest,” Brown said via Jim Wyatt of the official team website. “I am great learner, and I am going to keep learning each and every day. There’s definitely a lot of things I can clean up. In year one, I was really just trying to play fast and not think about it too much. In year two I can really key in and focus what I really need to focus on and learn a lot more stuff in regard to coverages and everything else. (I want) to improve on everything. I want to be a complete, well-rounded football player.”

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