AFC West Notes: Broncos, Chargers, Chiefs, Raiders



  • According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, Broncos QB Joe Flacco recently had an MRI on his neck and Denver is optimistic Flacco will be cleared to play in 2020, either with them or elsewhere. 
  • Mike Klis confirms that Flacco had an MRI on his neck last week and the results wer encouraging. However, Flacco’s MRI pictures and exam were sent to a spine specialist for a second opinion.
  • Flacco’s agent Joe Linta tells Klis: “Joe has every intention to play but not at the risk of his long-term health.
  • Broncos executive VP John Elway tells Klis that they’re working through options with Flacco but it sounded like they’re encouraged about his long-term health. Even so, no decision has been made on Flacco’s status with the team as of now.
  • Troy Renck of Denver7 says that the Broncos may not match an offer received by cornerback Chris Harris Jr. in free agency.
  • Renck adds that the Broncos could, once again, consider Lions cornerback Darius Slay, but it would obviously cost quite a bit.
  • Renck tosses out CB Byron Jones and WR Amari Cooper as potential free agent options for Denver. 


  • According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, while Colorado has inquired with Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy about their vacancy at head coach, there’s little traction there, as Bieniemy expects to be a top NFL head coaching candidate again in 2021. 


A league executive tells Mike Sando of The Athletic that while the prospect of Tom Brady signing with the Chargers is exciting, it is also unlikely.

“The Chargers ain’t paying anybody $30 million – anybody,” said the league exec. “That is just now how they operate. From a football standpoint, Brady needs a great group around him and I’m not sure that is what you have on the Chargers. Indianapolis makes more sense because of the dome and the team they have, but I don’t know if that is big enough for him.”

Sando spoke with a separate executive who seems to think the Chargers would do whatever it takes to land Brady this offseason. 

“I think the Chargers would write whatever contract Brady needs to get,” the executive said. “They are the only team that would do that, in my opinion. It is the only chance they have to revitalize their franchise, unless they move again. If they can get Brady, then I think all of a sudden they become a real competitor for the Rams in the market…“The owner should do three years for $100 million and structure it $40 million, $32 million and $28 million or something like that, because what is Brady worth to the Chargers this year, in their current situation? There is just massive reason on the Chargers’ side to do what it takes to get Brady.”


Mike Sando of The Athletic spoke with a league executive who mentioned that Las Vegas may be nothing more than a fallback option for Tom Brady if he wants to get out of New England.  

“They don’t need the bang the way the Chargers do, but I think they would like it and I do think where there is smoke, there is fire, and some of that stuff that comes out about Carr and Gruden is probably true,” said one executive via Sando. “The Raiders become a fallback position for Brady in my view. If it turns out Brady really wants to get away from Bill Belichick and he is out of there no matter what, then I think the Raiders become the next best possibility.”

  • According to Vincent Bonsignore, there’s a “growing sense” within the NFL that teams are prepared to inquire about the possibility of trading for Raiders QB Derek Carr.

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