Roy Williams In Danger Of Losing Starting Job?


Usually you get something as direct as this one is but Bears receiver coach Darryl Drake addressed Roy Williams play today by mentioning that his starting job could be in danger of being lost to Johnny Knox.

“[He’s not where he needs to be, and he knows that,” Drake said via the Chicago Sun-Times. “He and I have talked about that. And the good thing about it is, you got Johnny Knox who is fighting and working hard.

And believe you and me, [Williams] also understands that Johnny is there, and Johnny is hungry, and Johnny wants his spot back. And if things don’t start changing, then Johnny is going to be in there. Heard it straight from the horse’s mouth.

I guess so. Knox has looked heads above Williams throughout the preseason so this is a situation worth monitoring for this weeks game.


The Chicago Bears were quick to sign WR Roy Williams following his release from the Dallas Cowboys and touted him as the missing piece to their receiving core but as the preseason has gone on, Williams looks to be more like the player that the Cowboys released and less like the player from the Lions.

Complicating the issue further, Chicago has decided to bench Johnny Knox in favor of Williams but Knox has shown more throughout the preseason than Williams has which has drawn some criticism from the media.

Dan Pompeii of the Chicago Tribune doesn’t see what Williams has done to prove that he’s worthy of playing over Knox and Mark Potash of the Chicago Sun-Times writes that Williams needs to shape for the season.

Williams admitted that he wasn’t in shape upon signing with the Bears and added that he’s going to need some time to get use to the run heavy offense of Mike Martz. Not the best thing to hear from a player that you just signed.

On top of that, Williams dropped two of three passes in Monday nights game against the Giants and as ESPN’s Kevin Seifert pointed out, Williams has dropped a higher percentage of passes than any player in the NFL that was targeted as least 200 times since 2008.

Not sure what the Bears were thinking when they signed a receiver that was traded, under-performed and subsequently released but it will fall on Jerry Angelo, Mike Martz and Lovie Smith if he continues to struggle.

pixy Roy Williams In Danger Of Losing Starting Job?

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