Elway: Tim Tebow Has “Earned The Right” To Be The Teams Starting QB


Broncos VP of Football Operations John Elway discussed the teams plan for QB Tim Tebow by mentioning that Tebow has “earned the right” to be the teams starting quarterback as they head into the 2012 season.

While that may seem like a pretty serious endorsement of Tebow, Elway mentioned that bringing in more talent at the position will be one of the teams priorities during the offseason.

As it stands right now, we’ve got two quarterbacks under contract,” Elway said. “We have to be in the market to find more quarterbacks.”

Even if Elway doesn’t see Tebow as the teams long-term solution at quarterback, he’s done enough to get another shot at the job next season. But Elway can apply some pressure to Tebow by either drafting a quarterback or signing a decent backup option during free agency. Either way, Tebow will have to improve early on to guarantee himself the starting quarterback position.

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